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At D’Asign Source, we understand there is a lot more to choosing an architect and a custom home builder than comparing estimates and offers. At D’Asign Source we work hard to distinguish our company and our quality product from the competition. Although we offer a wide range of design, landscaping, and construction services, we have found that we can best provide the highest quality and value to our clients through the design-build process. Through design-build we can offer our clients Architecture, Interior Design, Landscape Design, and Constructions services combined in a unique all inclusive turnkey method.

Design build simply means that we manage both the design and construction phases of the project, instead of the traditional format which separates the Architect, designer, and builder, with each side having different interests and/or conflicts with aesthetic aspects and costs. Design-build combines the design and construction which helps create the highest quality and best value.

Design-build is an advanced approach which should only be practiced by firms highly qualified in all aspects of the design and construction. By combining stylish and unique design, accurate estimating, high quality materials, and expert construction management, D’Asign Source pulls all these together to produce the highest quality result. That’s why we say we’re not only Architects, Designers, and Contractors, but we are experts of the entire building process – From Concept to Completion.

The value and benefits of a well designed and managed design-build project to our clients are apparent in a number of ways. Some of them are:

Singular Responsibility. With D’Asign Source handling the design and construction processes directly, there is a single point of responsibility. Your project will benefit from having our experienced staff constantly involved as your project is built. With the thousands of different items that must come together we ensure a more cohesive unit and our clients do not have to be concerned about coordinating or resolving conflicts between designer and builder.

Cost Savings. D’Asign Source’s design and construction staff work and communicate as a team, evaluating alternative designs, materials and methods efficiently and accurately. We are able to enhance value continuously and more effectively because our Architects, Designers, Project Managers, Field Construction Crew, Subcontractors, and Vendors work as one during the entire design and construction process. Also with our Design Showroom we have numerous direct dealer relationships with manufacturers so we can offer finish materials and equipment at a better price than any other builder. Additionally, we are able to virtually eliminate the possibility of incorrect orders, reducing costly waste.

Quality. With D’Asign Source being responsible for the entire process you can take comfort that your project is in good hands. With our many years in business, along with our professional staff, we have a team of subcontractors who know our details, best practices, who are courteous and reliable, and whose work exhibits the high level of quality we demand. Our client’s do not have to worry about one party pointing the finger at another if an issue arises, we take care of everything.
The singularized responsibility inherent in design-build is a powerful quality motivator. Because the design-builder is solely responsible for the completed product, and cannot shift responsibility for defects to another party, he is motivated to build in quality throughout the design and construction process. Traditional design-bid-build often relies upon restrictive contract language, adversarial audit and inspection, and the legal system to ensure project quality.

Time Savings. Because in the design-build approach, design and construction are overlapped, and because bidding periods and the associated redesign are eliminated, the total design and construction time can be significantly reduced. Design-build is ideal for the application of “fast track” construction techniques. Materials and equipment procurement and construction work can begin before construction document plans are fully completed. The resulting time savings translates into lower costs and earlier completion of the project.

Reduced Client Demands. Although design-build can be somewhat intensive during the early phases of a project our clients are not required, during actual design and construction, to coordinate and resolve contracts, budgets, and schedule conflicts between separate design and construction companies.

Early Knowledge of Costs. In design-build, construction costs are known much earlier. During the design phase we simultaneously budget the construction costs and can accurately conceptualize the completed project at an early stage. Design-build can afford our clients one or more decision points to proceed during the design phases. Your decision to proceed with the project is made with firm knowledge of the cost and scope of work. There are many contract options available such as: Time and Materials, Cost Plus, Fixed Bid, and Professional Fee.

Family Approach. D’Asign Source is a family owned business with a dedicated staff of professional Architects, Interior Designers, Landscape Designers, Project Managers, Carpenters, and other Service and Support providers working together under one roof to create and construct your custom home effectively and efficiently. Read more about our team of architects, designers, and builders.

From Conception to Completion that’s the D’Asign Source Difference. Discover it for yourself.

To schedule a complimentary appointment or to speak to us in person, call us at (305) 743-7130 or email us at info@dasignsource.com.

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