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Keys Life Magazine Article
Generations Building in the Keys

D’Asign Source CEO and General Contractor, Tony D’Ascanio, was featured in the March 2020 edition of Keys Life Magazine! Read how the family business got its start and how the third generation is starting to take its place in the company. Pick up a copy of Keys Life magazine throughout the Upper and Middle Keys or visit their website here to view the article in its entirety! 

Cover: D’Asign Source CEO and General Contractor Tony D’Ascanio with daughters Tonya D’Ascanio and Lisa Silva (both of whom are finalizing their own GC licenses) at a design/build project on Key Colony Beach. Photo by Catherine Snowden. 

Keys Life Magazine, March 2020
By: Sarah Gagliardo

D’Asign Source, a full service, design-build firm located in Marathon, has been a locally owned and family operated business in the Florida Keys for 60 years.

The business was started by the parents of Tony D’Ascanio, who is now the Chief Executive Officer. “My parents, Palmerino and Margret, immigrated from Italy in 1958, and did what they had to do to get by.” His parents were involved in the construction business and also worked making and installing ornamental concrete pieces. 

“When I graduated high school, I moved to Miami. I was interested in architecture so I studied that, as well as building construction. But after two years, my father fell ill, and I moved home to take over the family business at 19,” says Tony. His two brothers were still in high school, so Tony took the reins. 

Over the years the business evolved, with construction and architecture being the strong point. “Back in the late 80s and early 90s, there were a lot of simple box constructions happening in the Keys. We were trying to make something more than just a box. Something different.” 

“Once we started building homes ourselves, we developed a reputation for excellence. We were proud to offer residents of the Keys a unique and high quality alternative to what was commonly being built.”

That business evolved and grew into what D’Asign Source is today. “We bought our design center showroom here in 1999, remodeled it, and opened in 2000. We have a strong architectural design team, along with teams in interior design, and landscape. It’s what differentiates us from others. We go back to our roots of hardworking Italians.”

Family is the core of D’Asign Source, and everything stems back to Palmerino and Margret D‘Ascanio. “Our parents instilled a work ethic in us. We are very proud of what we achieve and proud of what we put out. Not only that, but we enjoy each other. We all work well together, and spend time with each other outside of the workplace too.” 

The work ethic may stem back to their parents, but the new generation has now taken over, with Tony and his brothers Franco and Amedeo running the business. The third generation is starting to take its place in the company as well. Tony, also a general contractor, is the logistical one. “I move things along, get jobs done on time, and keep customers happy.” 

“My nephews that work with us, Franco Jr. and Nick, have engineering and architecture backgrounds, and my two daughters, Lisa and Tonya, are involved in managing construction sites and the showroom/interior design side of things. My other nephew Anthony is in project management and my niece Lucia helps with the warehouse. Having the third generation working with us has allowed us to be more efficient. After adding them to the team, we have been able to make great strides in the past few years. Business has improved, we’ve been able to grow, put out a great product, and keep clients happy!”

Not only is D’Asign Source a family run business, but their all-encompassing approach allows them a unique angle. The design/build construction process combines the efforts and capabilities of an architect and contractor into one—offering a single contact and authority for an entire project. When these two disciplines work together they can accelerate and closely coordinate the process of designing, permitting, and constructing—while quickly being able to adjust items in the field if necessary.

D’Asign Source has made themselves a multi-generational one-stop shop for coastal home and resort essentials – catering to construction and design, either together or individually. With over 60 years of experience, and over 1,600 major projects completed in the Florida Keys. Their design-build construction method is a proven win-win for the client, acting as an efficient and cost saving process. It also allows D’Asign Source to be the sole source of responsibility, giving you one singular point-of-contact for your entire building process from start to finish. The family, working together, brings collaboration and integration to the table, backed up by licensed professionals and proven results. “Having all professional services under one umbrella keeps your project goal in the forefront.” 

For more information about D’Asign Source, you can visit their website at or visit their showroom at 11500 Overseas Highway in Marathon, MM 53.

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