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Revamp & Replant
Giveaway Day!
Saturday, July 10, 2021 

10:00 am – 4:00 pm
At D’Asign Source, 11500 Overseas Highway, Marathon | MM 53

Covid-19 impacted us all but the Florida Keys and its people are resilient and will continue to persevere. In appreciation of our amazing community’s strength, creativity and DIY approach—we’re hosting a Revamp & Replant Giveaway Day for locals!

Including Free:
  • Plants: Shrubs, Trees & Palms
  • Hardscape, Landscape & Construction Materials
  • Fixtures
  • Various Showroom Accessories
When you arrive on Saturday, please park and walk to the staging area on the Northeast side of the building. See map in comments.
Monroe County residents will be given access to items through the staging area only.
15 people will be given immediate access at 10am. One selection per entry.
We’ll then run a one person out, one person in shopping process—so be nice to your neighbors and try not to dawdle please.
If it’s a large item that you can’t carry out, we’ll tag your selection and hold it at our back gate on 1st Avenue Gulf (see map) while you get your car/truck to pick it up.
First come, first serve.
Monroe County residents only.
All items are as is, no warranties, no holds.
Must pick up once selected.
Load at your own risk.
Rain or shine.
Be sure to follow our Facebook Event Page for samples of available items and additional details!

Keep in mind that the building materials are being provided as is, so it’s best to know your measurements and give everything a close look before you take an item that someone else could use.

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