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Amedeo D'Ascanio - Vice President of D'Asign Source

Amedeo D'Ascanio

Vice President

Amedeo D’Ascanio was born in Marathon, the youngest of three brothers to Italian immigrant parents Palmerino and Margaret.

For the last 10 years, Amedeo has headed up the design department at D’Asign Source, the business he co-owns with his two older brothers Tony and Franco. Before that, he owned and operated Ornamental Tile with his brother Tony. Ornamental Tile was the business originally started by their parents in 1960.

In 1975, Amedeo met his match in a spirited woman named Lynn who so happened to share his passion of design. After marrying in 1985, Lynn and Amedeo had a baby girl, Lucia. A few years later the couple was blessed with a boy, Anthony named after Amedeo’s grandfather and big brother. They had designed the perfect family… life couldn’t get much better.

Family added a new facet to Amedeo’s life as the children grew and started school. Amedeo was the consummate soccer dad. When he wasn’t working the family business he coached soccer at the youth club, junior and varsity levels of the local high school. A childhood sport he himself loved to play when his parents allowed him. Cooking family dinner was on Amedeo’s list of family duties as Lynn’s budding design career created the need to share in the many household tasks that arise in a home with two teenagers and professional parents. Cooking quickly became a much enjoyed undertaking; today Amedeo delights in having family and clients over for homemade dinners at his home in Marathon.

Throughout his professional career Amedeo has continued his education in the fields of architecture and interior design. He proudly mentors young students at Marathon High School as well as college interns who earn hours toward their degree at D’Asign Source. An avid advocate of higher learning, he and Franco started the Palmerino Scholarship. This annual scholarship is awarded to the student who submits the best essay describing the importance of family values within a community.

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