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Franco D'Ascanio


As President and partner in D’Asign Source, D’Asign Source Botanicals and Coastal Source my primary goals have been to elevate creativity and professionalism within my fields while providing world class customer service. One of my greatest strengths is mentoring my colleagues. I believe in the extraordinary. I firmly trust through my coaching that my colleagues will be a catalyst in delivering impressive results and achieve professional heights.

My passions & inspiration come from two radically different fields. I derive great pleasure from the technical precision that is all things audio, visual and automation. This is sharply contrasted by my love of the natural plant and landscape world which is best when it is organic and flowing. I am one of the fortunate few who have been able to turn passion into a career. These two great loves provide fuel for my soul, brain, and have never ceased to amaze and excite me since childhood.

On the audio and visual front I am proud to admit my colleagues and I have designed several components that are produced and sold world wide. Our firm’s innovative home integration systems have enhanced our clients’ lives and won the firm several awards from industry peers for creativity, design and innovation. One of my sons and I have developed a new speaker design that is going into production. A group of my peers believe this new design will be an important contribution to the world of outdoor music reproduction.

The counterpart is the outdoor environment. My father, sons and I collected coconuts to grow as a hobby. As the plants grew, I couldn’t help but notice how they complimented the naturally stunning views we enjoy in the Keys as well as their architectural qualities. Think about it, when you think about paradise doesn’t the view always include a palm tree? This has blossomed into a thriving nursery and landscape business headquartered in Palm Beach County that grows over 500 different species of rare and exotic palms and cycads. D’Asign Source Botanicals even has a line of trademarked trees, Caribbean Curves™.

My other great love is my family. I am a blessed man. I have been married to Mary for more than 30 years. We met as children and I knew she would be my wife the moment I saw her. We have two delightful, talented and driven children. The oldest, Franco Jr completed his civil engineering degree at the University of Florida and is now an Architect and VP of Construction at D’Asign Source. Nick, completed his Landscape Architecture degree, also at UF and now leads our Landscape Architecture department. It makes a man proud that his sons want to continue in the family business. I am confident their skill and dedication will take D’Asign Source to even greater heights.

My brothers and I have always been close. Our bond is a unique mix of love and respect. We’ve worked hard together all our lives to turn our parent’s family business into a recognized leader in residential design/build. There are also no other people whose company I prefer that that of my brothers and their families. We work hard and we play hard in our beautiful backyard, the Florida Keys. I cannot imagine a better life.

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