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Vote on the new Quay Park Design!
D'Asign Source developed 3 Options for the City of Marathon
The City of Marathon hosted a workshop on Aug. 3 to discuss potential plans for developing the park at the former Quay property. D’Asign Source has developed three original park site design options based on program criteria provided by the city. 
The designs — “Heart of the Keys,” “Hammerhead” and “Bay 54” — have a variety of amenities, but all have room for food trucks! 
The City of Marathon would like local residents to VOTE on your favorite design with a “like” on the city facebook page rendering image of your choice (August 5th post). Please also comment on which items you like most or which you’d like added or removed.
Results will be presented to the Marathon City Council at the September 20th meeting.

Details of each plan can be found below:
Hammerhead seeks to activate the former peninsular “Quay” through unique dock structures and a grassy knoll that invite impromptu activities and interactions. The first dock captures voids within the western seawalls to provide an ideal stage for performers and sunsets. The second dock reaches to the north and bows back to the lighthouses on either side. This scheme implores how visitors may arrive at the site, both by land and water. The edge along US-1 has been re-designed to maximize parking and provide visual interest for passersby. One section of the parking is defined by sailing shade structures, and during events will house food trucks and keep their patrons cool. A welcoming coastal structure to the west of it will provide restrooms and information about sea life that may be seen from the site. These two structures frame a grand entrance featuring a landmark that echoes the character of the lighthouses. Seafarers can arrive at the aptly named Hammerhead dock, and it provides an ideal fishing platform when unused by boats.
Heart of the Keys
The Quay is rebranded with the theme “Heart of the Keys” to resonate with Marathon’s welcoming location between Key Largo and Key West. The site enters through a central landscaped fountain toward the Learning Center, which can house small gift sales and tourism information. It will also provide maps for the scavenger hunt around the Quay, where children can learn about local foliage, animals, and geography. Each of the lines radiating from the central Keys floor pattern points to a significant vista, such as a lighthouse or the Gulf of Mexico. Food trucks have parking on the right side of the lot with gravel for patrons in line. Restrooms are placed to the left. A Lookout Tower on the right allows spectacular views of the surrounding bay. All existing sea grapes, most palms, and most other plant species remain to create beautiful and plentiful shade.
Bay 54
The redesign of the Quay – Bay 54 offers a new destination for the locals and visitors to Marathon. The updated design includes features for people and families to come enjoy the breathtaking view the site has to offer. In anticipation of the diversity of visitors in Marathon, there are opportunities for all kinds of visitors. The site includes wrap around views of the Florida Bay with boardwalks on either side and winding paths in between with various seating and shaded pavilions. As well as space for food trucks, playgrounds, yard games, a learning center, and a space for vendors and performers, all configured around the views the site has to offer.
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