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Designers Share Tips on How To Create a Functional & Fabulous Kitchen

Barn Light Electric has compiled a great article “Tips on How To Create a Functional & Fabulous Kitchen” featuring our Senior Interior Designer, Destin Barkley!

If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, check out their full article for advice on how to create a kitchen that is not only stylish and welcoming, but also functional—then give us a call! Excerpt below:

Q: What is the biggest mistake people make when building or renovating a kitchen?
A: Sean — If you’re doing a major remodel, consider other layout options. Changing your layout can add space, storage, or provide better flow to your kitchen.
Destin — I always advise a client to select appliances they are familiar with. For example, if you’ve never used an induction cooktop, don’t select one for your new kitchen design.

Q: How important are hardware choices?
A: Destin — While hardware is important, it’s not as important as cabinetry finish and countertops. If selecting a very specific, trendy hardware, I would recommend to make sure the ‘spread’ of the hardware is standard. If you ever want to replace it, it will be easier to find hardware to match the holes you already drilled into your cabinetry doors.

Q: Why types of lighting should you use in a kitchen, ie: accent, task, statement piece?
A: Destin — The most important lighting in the kitchen is ambient lighting, the base layer that makes the room usable. The next is task lighting which is a critical layer that is often overlooked. Task lighting includes under-cabinet lighting and fixtures directed at workspaces. The final layer of lighting is accent lighting which is where you can get creative with decorative fixtures such as pendants and chandeliers.
Mary Jo — I like statement pieces over a breakfast bar or island, but only if it doesn’t block an amazing view outside or the football game across the room. Task lighting is super important and I like to make sure there is under-cabinet lighting. If there is room over the cabinets, I love the look of sconces on an articulating arm to add down light.


Barn Light Electric is well known for its hand-crafted, American-made lighting that is easy to customize to suit any residential style or commercial brand. Dozens of finish colors are available including powder coat, porcelain enamel, and natural finishes such as copper and brass. And with a variety of mounting styles and other options including color temperature, lumens, and lens styles, their LED lighting is not only beautiful but environmentally friendly and energy efficient. 

Ready to start designing your dream kitchen? Give us a call at 305-743-7130 or stop by our 25,000 sq ft showroom in Marathon to begin today!

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